Our representatives
  • Derek Wong
    Derek Wong, Wilson Re’s CEO, plays a major role in strategic management of the Wilson Group. With his diverse international industry experience, Derek is implementing a successful business development plan for Wilson Re Hong Kong and its subsidiaries.

  • George Tin
    George Tin, the group’s longest-standing member, has worked with Wilson Wong for more than 30 years. George is a key producer, particularly in the greater China market, investing his extraordinary skills to develop new clientele.

  • T.C. Kuo
    T.C. Kuo leads the highly informed and experienced Taiwan team to create successful multinational business operations. He brings a comprehensive understanding of the Taiwan market, with a specialty in non-marine insurance.

  • Julian South
    Julian South is former Senior Underwriter at a P&I Club. With more than 40 years’ industry experience, his vast knowledge allows him to provide shipowner clients with the most comprehensive risk solutions.

  • Nigel (Kyoung) Cho
    Nigel Cho joined Wilson Re in 2016 after gaining solid and integrated shipping and trade experience through 35 years at Dooyang Line and Polaris Shipping. Thanks to Cho, the Korea branch dominates the local provision of professional marine insurance broking services.

  • Sumie Onai
    Sumie Onai brings more than 30 years of marine industry experience to Wilson Group, including 15 at the Standard P&I. She was the first woman to graduate as a marine specialist from the Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine. Under her leadership, Wilson Group’s Japan branch is expanding strategically.

  • Kevin Browne
    Kevin  Browne joined Wilson Re in 2009. He brings over 30 years of experience in the global insurance and reinsurance markets. Kevin utilises his abundant know-how to provide clients with the best possible service and market knowledge.